Basic Science

Breast tumors

Classification of breast tumors


  • Fibroadenoma
  • Adenoma
  • Papilloma
  • Benign phyllodes tumor

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Clinical Science

Ocular trauma


  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Thermal
  • Electrical
  • Radiational


  • Contusional  /  blunt trauma
  • Perforating  /  peneterating
  • Perforating eye injury (PEI) with intra ocular foreign body
  • Retained  extraocular  foreign body
  1. Extraocular foreign body

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Forensic Medicine

Infant Deaths


  • Infanticide – is deliberate killing of an infant within 1year of its live birth.
  • Neonaticide – is the deliberate killing of an infant within 24 hours of its birth.
  • Live birth: It means that the child showed signs of life when only part of the child was out of the mother, though the child may not have breathed or completely born.
  • Stillbirth: child born after 28th week of pregnancy, and which did not show any signs of life after being completely born.

Community Medicine

Applied Epidemiology: Objectives

1. Presentation and discussion

  • Global, regional and national context
  • Agent, host and environment
  • Prevention and control programs and status
  • National policy and strategies
  • Targets and achievement
  • Critical reflection

2. Critical appraisal of scientific papers and application of epidemiological methods to study disease Read more about Applied Epidemiology: Objectives